Q. Is KLEARCOOK® a safe product?

A. KLEARCOOK® has been rigorously tested by international government bodies and is FDA compliant, CFIA compliant and EU compliant.  Each government has stated that there are no objections to using KLEARCOOK® as a material for cooking food.  It's very safe.


Q. What is the maximum temperature for KLEARCOOK®?

A. KLEARCOOK® can easily withstand temperatures up to 220C. or 425 F.


Q. Can KLEARCOOK® go directly in the oven?

A. Yes.  KLEARCOOK® can be placed directly on a baking tray.


Q. Can I use KLEARCOOK® in a dry (no oil) frying pan?

A. Absolutely, just remember to regulate the temperature on low heat and gradually bring to temperature.


Q. I can't find KLEARCOOK® in my area?  Can I order from you?

A. Of course!  We want to see KLEARCOOK® in every kitchen so we'll ship your order directly to you or your business or your home.  We'll even see if one of our distribution partners would be available to service your area.  CONTACT US and we'll help you.


Q. Can KLEARCOOK® go in the freezer?

A. KLEARCOOK® can withstand temperatures down to -40 C. or -40 F. and KLEARCOOK® can go directly from freezer to oven for even more flexibility in your kitchen.


Q. Does KLEARCOOK® provide DEMO sessions to customers in my retail store?

A. CONTACT US to set up your in-house demo.


Q. My KLEARCOOK® pouch expanded and looked like a balloon when I was cooking with it.  Is this OK?

A. Perfect!  The KLEARCOOK® film will react to the heated food in the pouch causing it to expand but there is absolutely no risk with this behaviour.  KLEARCOOK® film is strong and will maintain this tensile strength throughout the cooking process.  Just be very careful, the pouch will be HOT.


Q. Does KLEARCOOK® work in the microwave oven?

A. Not only does it work but it's also one of the best ways to use our product.  The excited water molecules release the most intense flavours to your dish inside KLEARCOOK®.