The French call it "en papillote" and in Italy they call it "al cartoccio".

This ancient technique of wrapping food in parchment paper or even leaves has been around for decades.

KLEARCOOK® is the technological revolution of this cooking method using a scientifically designed material that can withstand cooking temperatures up to a maximum 220 C. (425 F.)

KLEARCOOK® Culinary Sheets can be used in the oven, on the stove-top, on a griddle, in a deep-fryer or even in boiling water or steam.

Simply choose your preferred method of cooking using this unique shiny and clear cooking material and open up the endless possibilities of your inner gourmet.  Just keep KLEARCOOK® Culinary Sheets away from direct contact with flames.

Historic note:
In the late 1800's Antoine Alciatore, the founder of Antoine's restaurant in New Orleans, created a dish called "Pompano Montgolfier" which was made in the "en papillote" style to honour the French Montgolfier brothers who are credited with inventing the hot air balloon.  Antoine's restaurant remains the oldest family run restaurant in the USA today.


Background information for KLEARCOOK® products:

1.    All KLEARCOOK® materials are BPA-free and are FDA, CFIA and EU) food-safe compliant.

2.    Our products are designed for high-temperature cooking with a unique woven polymer that is strong, super thin and won’t leach chemicals into your culinary creation.

3.    Our materials are available in retail, foodservice and industrial formats – the retail pack markets well at store level and offers a premium impulse buy, the foodservice or industrial formats are ideal for BOH (Back Of House) production and a la carte catering services.

4.    KLEARCOOK® is produced in North America. Our culinary cooking sheets and bags can be used in an oven, combi units, steamers, stove-tops, microwave ovens, deep-fryers(yes, deep-fryers), panini units, portable griddles, induction units, but not on naked/open flames.

5.    Our parent company, ACT Inc. (Advanced Culinary Technologies Inc.) are chefs and food experts with over 100 years of combined culinary experience.

6.    Our culinary sheets are perfect for creating en-papillote’s or roulade’s.

7.    Our VACPAC’s are designed for sous-vide or traditional cooking equipment and are brownable via direct heat cooking.

8.    All our products will allow you to cook with less seasoning and spices but will still create vibrant, very flavourful and healthy dishes which have a "WOW" factor presentation value.

9.    Our materials are freezable and can be written on with permanent markers to create table and guest identifiers / date codes / recipe names etc.

10. Our head office is located in Toronto, Canada.